Closing of the Bones Ceremony

Emily the Doula: Closing of the Bones

A while back I saw a photo of a woman wrapped up on social media and read further into what it was all about. It was a Closing of the Bones ceremony, a traditional Mexican ceremony using woven cloth massage with the purpose of nurturing the mother after her passage through birth and into motherhood. … Read more

Broccoli Risoni Salad Recipe

Broccoli Risoni Salad Recipe

The broccoli salad that made me fall in love with broccoli again. It’s crunchy, zesty and keeps well in the fridge. This salad is one I’ve been making the past few weeks and was inspired by a @cookieandkate recipe. – 200g rizoni pasta, uncooked– 1 large head broccoli or 2 small– Big handful of herbs (used basil, … Read more

How to treat a blocked duct.

Emily the Doula breastfeeding baby

If you nurse your baby it’s pretty common to experience a blocked duct at some point! Annoying and painful but they are totally treatable. If you have a tender lump in your breast/chest but otherwise feel quite well, it’s probably a blocked duct. They can be caused by skipping feeds, latching problems or even wearing … Read more

What the hell is a doula?

Emily The Doula Portrait

There are all kinds of Doula’s… pregnancy and birth work doula’s, postpartum Doula’s, death doula’s, pregnancy + infant loss Doulas and many more. I am a postpartum Doula who arrives with a basket full of love and support, however, that may look for you. The days after birth can be like waking up in a … Read more