What the hell is a doula?

Emily The Doula Portrait

What the hell is a doula?

There are all kinds of Doula’s… pregnancy and birth work doula’s, postpartum Doula’s, death doula’s, pregnancy + infant loss Doulas and many more. I am a postpartum Doula who arrives with a basket full of love and support, however, that may look for you.

The days after birth can be like waking up in a completely different world. Your baby is finally here and you have been birthed as a parent too. WOAH, this is so massive. You’ve begun a new life chapter and will be feeling a huge range of emotions. This transformation right here is what I am absolutely passionate about, I’m here to hold YOU, your baby and your new little family through it all.

I’ll be there to give you the deep support that you deserve so you can begin getting to know your new bub in a container that is filled with love, nourishment, learning and real empathy.

This is such a beautiful and precious time but it can equally be as gruelling. But, it doesn’t have to be the coffee fuelled, no-time-for-showers and endless fear driven Google searches that it’s made out to be. You’ve spent 9 long months preparing for this and you damn well deserve a deeply healing postpartum.

It takes time to trust your gut, to learn your baby’s signs, to establish a feeding relationship, to adjust to a strange new 24 hour clock and put in place boundaries with loved ones. I’ll be with you through all of this and help you to recognise the lessons that you are learning along the way so they will serve you through your whole parenting life.

What I do for each family will look different, but at the core I will make sure you are feeling nurtured physically and emotionally.

Everytime I see you, we will talk, like properly talk. I want to see where you are at and how I can best serve you that day.

I’m here to sit with you in the hugeness of it all. I’m here for you.