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Hi, I'm Emily!

I wake up with one baby beside me, which means a sore creaky body too. My other kiddo creeps through the door and whispers “Mummy”, he’s always half dressed, he runs hot like his Dad. Both snuggle into me on either side, a brief moment of quiet.

I’m a morning person so even though my night sleep is broken, I already have a fire lit inside me. I usually have an idea of what I want to eat, maybe it’s a special morning and we’ll make scones or waffles, the kind of baking that sees the kitchen covered in flour, the kids covered too.

I love being with people, it completely energises me. Meeting new people excites me and fostering my old friendships is my medicine. I also love the retreat of my home, I’ll pop the kettle on and make us a cuppa. I find absolute peace, joy and creativity in cooking and sharing food.
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I've clawed my way through the deep dark woods of new parenthood

I’ve felt the excruciating pain of rocking, patting, feeding my babies to sleep for the thousandth time (literally!). My spine burning, or a blocked duct in the middle of the night. The monotony of making one more batch of bloody bolognese for the freezer. The recoiling as I’m jumped on one more time than I can handle for that day. The forgetting of who I am.

But I’ve also felt the intoxicating joy of staring at my babies and wondering how they can be so beautiful and funny. The tenderness of them falling asleep in my arms or running to me when they’ve hurt themselves. The pleasure of watching them grow, get muddy and make friends. The connection to other parents. The continued devotion to learning about myself and this world. The remembering of who I am.

I value community care & I want to make sure you never feel the distress & isolation I experienced in my first postpartum.

I know we are meant to move through this intensely giving and vulnerable time of new parenthood surrounded by community. Never alone.

I’ve always cared for young babies, children and their families. There’s something so special about being in deep support of another family unit, it gives me huge pleasure.

I’m so grateful to find work that encapsulates all of this and where I can shower families with love, food and support. I’m ready and excited to be a part of your community, I can’t wait to meet you!