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Postpartum Care

The days after birth can be like waking up in a completely different world. Your baby is finally here and you are a parent! WOAH, this is massive. First, second, fourth time… it’s all massive! Supporting you through this transformation is what I am absolutely passionate about, I’m here to hold you, your baby and your new little family through it all.

What I do for each family will look different, but at the core, I will make sure you are feeling nurtured physically and emotionally. We’ll see each other regularly and we will talk, like really talk. I want to see where you are at and how I can best support you that day. I will arrive with delicious nourishing food and snacks to keep you energised through the day and those long marathon nights. Maybe you need me to snuggle your wee bubba while you take a bath, sleep or whatever makes you feel good. Maybe you need me to change your sheets or play with your other kids while you catch a break with your teeny one. I’ll guide you through feeding, baby care and your own healing. Whatever it is, I’m here to help, support and love you.

This option includes 2 x prenatal + 6 x postpartum visits –$2,500

Mini Doula Sessions

My mini doula session is a 3 hour visit to your home, I’ll check in with you prior to figure out what will serve you the best that day.

I’ll bring delicious and healing food, we can chat about whatever is on your mind, I’ll give you some respite and leave your house tidy. I’ll then be available by text or voice memo to support you through the next week.

This is a wonderful option if a loving family member or friend wants to buy you a gift that will really support you in your postpartum (which is forever!)

3 hour visit + 7 days virtual support – $350

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Online Video Calls

Let’s talk through whatever you need support on.

We can also use this time to plan your postpartum whether you are employing my services or not. We’ll talk through healing after birth, setting up your support systems, feeding and caring for your baby, set up at home, nourishment for you and your family, boundaries and postpartum relationship planning. Let’s make this period deeply healing.

Pregnancy can also bring up a lot as you navigate so much newness. I’ve been there and I often felt like there just wasn’t enough contact time with care providers to answer all my questions as they came up. If you need time to unpack things, I’m here for you.

1 hour call – $80