A day in the life of a Postpartum Doula

Homemade food

A day in the life of a Postpartum Doula

Each postpartum visit looks different but my day always starts off in my kitchen. I prepare a few meals, fresh tea infusions and nut mylks and pack my trusty lilac crate full of all my homemade goodies.

For this visit I arrived to find this cutie and her Mum snuggled up in bed, as always we had a chat and caught up on how everything is going. I then popped bub in my ring sling and took her downstairs while her mum had a shower and went for a walk with their cute pup.

While Mama was out I folded and hung out washing, swept the floors, cleaned the kitchen and prepared some food while bubs slept soundly on me.

Once Mama was back she ate her Chipotle Chicken Rice Soup then it was time to get snuggly back up in bed for a feed and nap time.

Emily the Doula